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The Art of Finding a Job You Love Hits Best-Seller List

We've been busy here at Ready Reset Go focusing on Cara's first solo book, The Art of Finding a Job You Love: An Unconventional Guide to Work With Meaning. The book hit #1 Best-Seller and #1 New Release while on pre-order with Amazon Kindle. Until the release date of Nov. 7 this year, here's a sneak peek at the book.

Nail the Interview and Land a Job You Love

Whether you’ve been working for 3 years or 30, do you want to do something new, different and a little bit righteous? Do you see yourself leading a nonprofit, healing mother earth, or creating a medical device that saves lives in the remotest parts of the world? Does this career pivot feel like a left-turn from your current path? If you are like many of my clients, I bet you’re facing obstacles.

Recruiters are struggling to see beyond your past job—unable to see past your titles to your true experience. The job search process feels faster, impersonal, and a little bit shallower—hiring managers are making quick decisions without doing deep. You want to articulate your skills and passion in a 60-second elevator pitch. But want to do so without sounding scattered, or worse, desperate.

I’m Cara Heilmann, CEO of Ready Reset Go ™ and I have helped many of my clients articulate a career change. It’s started from my 3rd place finish at a high school interview competition, to interviewing thousands of candidates over 20 years as an executive recruiter, to coaching hundreds of job seekers. I’ve created a fresh, safe, and fun way to help you represent your amazing talents and passion to make a difference in this world. This process connects the worlds of improv and recruiting with a look behind the curtain of corporate recruiting to share what recruiters are really looking for. This book will help you craft compelling career stories and communicate it in a way that leaves them wanting more! In this book, you will read about these items:

  • Why the more successful you are, the more you tend to wing interview prep—and how that can work against you

  • How getting clear on your targeted job makes everything easier

  • How to create (at least) five riveting career stories that you should have in your toolbox

  • How you can connect with chemistry during the interview process—even if you are the most introverted introvert

  • How you can make a lasting positive impression that sticks well after you’ve left the interview room

Most clients call me after they’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to land a position for months. They’ve researched interview questions and tried it on their own. Many are dejected and frustrated. Don’t wait until you get to that point. Apply this process today and get the job of your dreams and make the difference in this world that you are meant to do.

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