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Testimonials from some of the over 4,000 clients

"Cara presented my skills and experience very effectively, which truly impressed my new employer. That's right, I got the job. I am now the President and CEO and couldn't be happier. I know I had lots of competition, and strongly believe Cara's résumé gave me the fighting chance I needed. It certainly gave me the confidence I needed. Thank you Cara, from the bottom of my heart."



President and CEO

Fidelity National Home

"What was most important during this process, was Cara's ability to hone in with laser-like accuracy on where I needed her coaching the most. Cara's profound coaching led me to accepting a VP role in a new and exciting industry! Cara is the best in the business. Do not miss the opportunity to work with Ready, Reset, Go and allow them to help you launch the next chapter in your professional journey."



Executive Director, Disney Cruises

"Her work has been phenomenal, she has pushed me towards an objective view point on my own career, the narrative around how I describe my achievements, the way I present it in a bio/résumé format and also what would be important to me in my next move. I would not hesitate in recommending Cara and appreciate the work we have done together."



Vice President Global Talent Acquisition at IBM

"Cara is an incredible and high energy professional with deep knowledge of the job market. Her support as a coach goes beyond the commonplace motivational speech, providing very practical and useful guidance. Her availability and fast response to requests also add positive energy to push the coachee into taking action towards the goal. She did help me bring my image and presence to a higher level and I am thankful for that."



Senior Partner Manager for The Americas at LinkedIn

"Insightful, thoughtful, and energetic. Cara has created a process for job searching and guidance that is process oriented but also individualized. I found her toolkit, our conversations, and individual and group discussion and practice sessions incredibly helpful, motivating, and effective for finding a new job. I highly recommend working with Cara if you are looking for someone to help you make a career change."



Researcher and Advisor at DXC Technology

"I was looking for a career change in every way possible - industry, location, salary and position. Cara helped me draw out my strengths/weakness and cultivate interview stories that turned into meaningful conversations rather than basic answers. Would absolutely recommend as a resource!"



Business Development and Innovative Strategist at SportsMEDIA

"The job market had changed drastically in the many years since I'd made a major career adjustment, and I wasn't sure where or how to begin. If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, hone your networking and interviewing skills, and be seen at your best, then I urge you to invest in yourself and your future by dedicating your efforts to this program."



Risk and Patient Safety Consultant at CHART

"Cara is truly gifted in what she does and is SO MUCH MORE than a career coach! She is a mentor, counselor, life coach, and your biggest cheerleader! Aside from really getting to know each one of her clients on a personal level, she digs deep to find the roadblocks that prevent us from being the best version of ourselves. Cara sees the potential in EVERYONE and works diligently to pull that out and make it a focal point. She and her team are a well-oiled machine and place though in each assignment and exercise given. From office hours to weekly check-ins, Cara makes sure all clients are on the right track every step of the way and feel supported throughout their journey. It was an absolute pleasure and honor working with Cara!"

Ashlee Song.jpeg


Professional Learning Specialist at Apple

"I hired Ready Reset Go to help me with my résumé, and it was a wonderful experience that ultimately  led to me landing a dream role with Google. I was overwhelmed with my personal challenge to sort  through, identify and distill my life’s experiences into a meaningful story that might highlight my  background and achievements in an interesting and genuine way. Cara’s systematic approach to this  was exactly what I needed to guide me through the multiple, colorful tangled balls of yarn in my head  and put together a very cohesive, easy-to-understand dossier. I felt comfortable sharing my stories  (both successes and failures) with her knowing she had my best interests in mind and at heart. Cara’s  positivity and encouragement coupled with her authenticity make her a great coach. If you’re looking  for that next step in your career, I highly recommend reaching out to Cara. It could literally change  your life; it did mine."

Michael Duskus.jpeg


UX Design Manager at Google

"I had been looking for a job for about 9 months and had little success. That is when I decided to hire  Cara as an Executive Career Coach. What I loved was she wasn't afraid to challenge me on my  preconceived ideas of how the job search should be conducted. She also didn't back down when I  wasn't putting enough effort into my search or wasn't following her advice. Most importantly,  however, was her encouragement and motivating style of coaching. Rarely was there an interview  where I didn't get praise for my résumé and/or cover letter. Several times I was told it set me apart  from every other candidate from the start. I promise that Cara and her coaching will be a great asset  to you regardless of where you are in your job search. I only wish I had found her sooner!

Andrew C. Sloss.jpeg


Chief Executive Officer at Brookings Economic Development Corporation

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