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Coaching In A Time Of Recession: Four Key Stages To Guide Your Efforts

All indications point to a recession. With two consecutive quarterly declines in GDP, the U.S. is already technically in a recession. If not for hope of the Fed’s aggressive increases in interest rates, little is left but for the White House to admit that the inevitable has occurred.

As I speak with career coaches across the globe, the situation in the U.S. is not unique. For instance, coaches in Africa, Europe, Asia and Canada all report concerns that their country’s economic prospects are similarly bleak. You only need to read the headline of the July 2022 report from IMF’s World Economic Outlook to get a sense of the overall global economy: "gloomy and more uncertain."

We’re seeing layoff announcements at companies that used to be on clients’ top target lists. We’re hearing clients share intel from their own firm’s town halls announcing major belt-tightening activities. Click here to see the full article.

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