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Career Coach, Life Coach—What’s The Difference?

Sometimes people ask me if I’m a life coach. My answer is generally “Not at all,” followed quickly by “Well, in some ways,” followed by “Yeah, no, what I do is really different.”

I understand the confusion, as there are people who identify as life coaches, abundance coaches, dating coaches, menopause coaches—basically, show me something people want or find intimidating, and I’ll show you a coaching industry around it.

Life Coaches Are Generalists

A life coach is sort of like a psychotherapist who isn’t focused on your past—and that can be a great person to have in your corner. Unlike a therapist, who encourages a lot of deep self-reflection and coming to terms with how you got where you are, a life coach is tactical, focused on the present and more interested in problem-solving than what I call “navel-gazing.” They’re both legitimate, and anyone might benefit from either or both, but a life coach is focused on ways you can alter your thinking to get what you want.

At that level, career coaches and life coaches are similar. We both help people at a tactical level, and more often than not, that involves asking people to confront psychological blockages. If we’re doing our job, you will feel more empowered, confident and happy with where you are after working with us. But we’re not therapists. Click Here For the Full Article.

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