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Job Search Diagnostic Test


If you’ve been looking for less than six months, think back to the entire period of your search.  If you’ve been looking for more than six months, think back to the past six months.

Use this period of time for all questions.

Place your answer in the box below each question

Question A

During the identified period of time, how many times have you submitted your résumé or applied for a job?

It may be an application on the company’s website, through a posting on LinkedIn, through a headhunter/executive recruiter, through a colleague to float it to the hiring manager, etc.

Question B

During the same time period, how many times has a recruiter or representative of the employer reached out to you for the first time?

It could be via LinkedIn InMail, direct email, or a phone call.

Question C

During the same period, how many times have you been invited to an onsite or face-to-face (e.g., Skype) with the hiring manager/team?

Question D

During the same period of time, how many offers have you received?


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Assessment Calculations

Use Your Numbers Above For the Following Steps

Step 1: Response Rate:  Résumé To First Contact


Question B:                       ÷  Question A:                       =


                    X 100  =      



If you’ve sent out 100 résumés and had 10 recruiters reach out to

you, your conversion rate is 10%.


Anything below 30% is considered low. This means that there might be something wrong with your dossier (your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile).


Goal Target:

30%- 50%



Step 2: Response Rate: First Contact to Interview


Question C:                       ÷  Question B:                       =


                    X 100  =         




If you’ve had 10 conversations with recruiters and only invited to one interview with a hiring manager,  your conversion rate is 10%.


If your conversion rate is less than 50% you should focus on and improve your telephone interviewing skills. 


Goal Target:

50%- 70%



Step 3: Response Rate: Interview to Offer


Question D:                       ÷  Question C:                       =


                    X 100  =         




If you have had 5 face to-face interviews with the hiring manager and have had 2 offers(which you haven’t accepted), you are at a 40% conversion rate.


If your conversion rate is less than 70% you want to brush up on your in-person interview skills. 


Goal Target:

70% with 100% being ideal of course!



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numbers and we will help you.

How do you prioritize what to focus on?  Start with the one with the lowest conversion rate.

We have a proven system that works. It targets the three conversion points to fast-track you through the job search process. We help you get through the job search process with clarity and confidence.


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