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Year Of The Ox: Relentless Forward Movement

A rash of random acts of violence against Asian elders has been making the news in the Bay Area. Have you seen footage of any of these incidents? Robberies. Random assaults. A ninety-year-old Oakland man getting knocked down in the middle of an urban sidewalk.

They’re blood-boiling.

Not a way to celebrate the lunar New Year.

Then I read about how the younger generation is banning together to create patrols. They are patrolling the neighborhoods keeping an eye on the older population. Made my heart expand.

In the Eastern zodiac, the Ox symbolizes work ethic, tenacity, and relentless forward movement. Good. We need all of those things right now.

I have so much hope for the future. Our younger generation is filled with great young men and women who will hopefully reconcile, for once and for all, the concepts of “doing good” and “doing well.”

Thank you! Hope.

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