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Why A Recession Is A Great Time To Revisit Your Résumé And How To Make Yours Shine

Like the seasons, the economy has predictable cycles—stock markets have predictable ups and downs, inflation and recession are recurring phenomena, job growth waxes and wanes. And like the weather, an unseasonable economic event can happen quite abruptly—a pandemic crushes the restaurant industry, a war provokes worldwide food insecurity, a billionaire buys the social media platform you’re employed by and shakes your world.

When the word “recession” starts making daily headlines and food prices start climbing, it’s normal for people to, well, contemplate their material security. We know that on average, a recession lasts about 17 months. If we are indeed in one right now, we’re in the early stages. High-profile layoffs are making headlines. It’s a time that understandably makes people want to make themselves very small, hunker down and stay low on the radar. Click here for the full article.

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