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Truth About Recruiting During the Holiday Season

I hear this all the time: Recruiting slows down during the holidays. Then why is it the busiest time of the year for recruiters?

Two weeks ago I met with a room full of corporate recruiters and 100% of the hands raised when asked, “Is December your busiest month?”

“I have hiring managers breathing down my neck to find candidates,” said one recruiter.

“Same,” said an executive recruiter. “The office is quiet so I am very productive screening résumés and calling candidates.”

If recruiters are busy, then who slows down?

Hiring managers. They are in Cabo...or at least it seems that way. Recruiters take advantage of uninterrupted time to scour résumés and screen candidates with the goal of a short list for hiring managers when they return. Keep in mind that many companies are looking to fill a position before the new year to hit the ground running fully staffed.

You know who else slows down? Candidates. Yep. That’s your world and my world, as a career coach. The tendency is to slow things down and assume companies are not recruiting. Stay out later. Wake up later. Possibly even disconnect. Consider the contrary. Stay available. On It. Keep your energy and momentum going during the holidays. You’ll be one of few résumés that come through. One of few candidates the recruiter connects with during this time of year. Start off the new year with a bang! Interviews scheduled. Offers made.

Tips for Staying In the Game this Holiday Season:

  1. Create goals this holiday season so that you keep your momentum going: Number of applications per week. Number of friends to connect with. Number of mock interviews.

  2. Keep your phone near you and pick up every single call that comes through. Even if you think it is a bot. It might be a busy recruiter excited to talk with you about a role.

  3. Sleep well and keep your fitness up.

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