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Quoted In Wall Street Journal: People Are Quitting!

I love how this article starts: The Great Resignation is coming.

Allison Pohle with The Wall Street Journal goes on to say that 26% of people are already searching for a new gig! I believe it because I'm seeing it.

One of my clients, a senior manager at a large healthcare organization said, "Of the 25 people in our team, 10 have already submitted their resignations." What seems to be the main reason? "The push to return to work," says my client. "We've proven that we can be productive, if not more so with working remote and the thought of spending two hours commuting each day, plus the extra work on my desk because everyone is leaving is just too much."

Are you about to resign?

If so, read Allison's article, How to Quit Your Job Gracefully.

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