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An Unexpected Side Effect of Changing a Job

100% of the job seekers I know have an ah-ha moment. A time when they change a preconceived notion about themselves. When they hear a voice they haven't heard in a while.

Change can be hard. It can be terrifying and unnerving. It's easy to settle for the same things - because we are habit forming. Because we are comfortable, because familiarity is reassuring. But magic isn't found in certainty. Magic happens when we believe in the power of our imaginations instead of dwelling in our realities. When we choose passion over security. When we ditch ordinary for extraordinary. Magic happens when we allow ourselves to grow - and growth cannot take place without change. So embrace change. Let transformation unfold. Do not be afraid to meet new people. To see new places. To pursue new passions. To ace new challenges. Let go of the familiar - we cannot become who we are supposed to be by staying where we are. Sometimes we need to go to places we have never been to find out where we really belong. -Bryan Anthonys

The above is from a little paper that held a tiny necklace that I received two days ago at the book launch of The Art of Finding the Job You Love. The book is free for one more day on amazon. Read it. See if it speaks to you and gives you a bit of hope that you can find the job of your dreams. If you read this after the price jumps, send me an email with the subject line: Free Book. I'll send you a .pdf:

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