Avoid Legal Hassles
A Different Outplacement Service

Help Your Clients Manage Layoffs

You’re client is faced with managing a layoff.


You know that a well-executed layoff process is critical to a smooth headache free outcome.


But, emotions run high and no matter how well the layoff is communicated, people will be shell-shocked.

Researchers say that Outplacement Services helps mitigate negative emotions.*


And that a customized tailored approach to the individual helps achieve desired results.* 


Your client needs an Outplacement Service that support a smooths layoff.


One that minimizes risk and tailored to each individual.


One where your employee sees a difference...feels a difference. So they know the company cares.


Because we all know that being told that you are no longer with a company is never an easy thing to hear.

* "Unemployment and Outplacement: Evidence and Insights from an Organizational Psychology Perspective," Connie R. Wanberg and Leaetta M. Hough.


Why Our Service Works

Why choose Ready Reset Go®?


We all know that Outplacement helps mitigate exposure to litigation and 

workplace violence. Yet, your client wants to take this service one step further. The firm wants to because it’s the right thing to do.


We will work side by side with your client's impacted employee. Putting your client in the best light in the eyes of the impacted employee.


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. It is a white glove, high-level of support.

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We are a team of experts in the field of career coaching who want to make a difference in the lives of people who want to make a difference through their work.

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Many Thankful Employees

As a senior leader within Talent Acquisition, I was curious upon introduction to Cara (via a former colleague) just how much she could assist me due to me having a detailed understanding of this space. Her work has been phenomenal, she has pushed me towards an objective view point on my own career, the narrative around how I describe my achievements, the way I present it in a bio/resume format and also what would be important to me in my next move. 
I would not hesitate in recommending Cara and appreciate the work we have done together. -K. Blair

I have had the privilege to work with Cara for the past year. She has great vision, drive, and enthusiasm. She instills confidence and energy in those around her. Her feedback is clear and on point. And she is very open to receiving it from others. While she is a leader, she is also a team player and appreciates the skills of those who surround her. -M. Litten

While being very resourceful, and organized Cara uplifted me throughout the highs and lows of a job search. She knew how to precisely address specific pressing concerns thru the interview process. She was prompt in her responses and offered helpful tips to the most challenging questions. Cara genuinely cares for her clients in a profound way. It was an absolute pleasure to have her as a career couch." -D. Chihade

Cara is truly an expert in the LinkedIn world. She strategically coached me on how to strengthen my profile by making it more highly searchable. As a result it is rapidly growing toward all star status. Using her direct and competent style she was able to help me efficiently and effectively. -K. Ahrens

Working with Cara was a great experience and the guidance provided throughout the process made the interaction fulfilling. She possesses a very humanistic approach that made me feel that I was in great hands. At the end of our engagement, I gained a lot of clarity with a well defined path forward. H.G.

Cara is an A+ executive coach, confident and extraordinarily competent in her profession. What lifts her above the rest is that she goes the extra mile for you. She will comb job sites and make suggestions; she reaches out to recruiters on your behalf (something no other coach I’ve known does for their clients.) She is easy to talk to and always available when you need her to be there for you. And she is no nonsense. She expects you to work as hard as she does for you. -B. Brickner

Cara did an excellent job in coaching me through the job search process. Within just a couple of weeks of Cara updating my LinkedIn profile, I was contacted about a job opportunity that met my skill set and career goals. Cara worked with me to create a resume and coached me through the interview and job offer process. Most importantly she helped me to self-analyze my skill set and examine my internal dialogue that was undermining my confidence. She guided me in setting realistic expectations and was a wonderful cheerleader. Her unwavering faith in my abilities helped me through a challenging period in my life. -B. Southwick

Cara is everything you'd want in a career coach -- she's creative, passionate, asks thoughtful and insightful questions to help guide you in your career journey and most importantly, she really listens! Her support and encouragement was invaluable and she helped me to find the motivation to make my career transition happen! -Mary DB