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The Career Coach Accelerator 

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January 2020 Cohort

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Applications for the January 2020 cohort will be accepted through December 31, 2019! Schedule a time to chat with us if you'd like to apply for a future cohort. 

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"I've always helped people with their careers!"

(I've heard this phrase so often, quickly followed by...)


...but can I make a living as a career coach?


If you've ever:

  • Dreamed of quitting your job to start your own career coaching business

  • Wanted a certification to validate you as a professional career coach

  • Yearned to learn something new and stretch your abilities again's time to do what you   want to do and make a difference in the world!

Hi there! I'm Cara Heilmann, Master Coach
The number one question I am asked...
"How did you become a career coach?"
The answer is easy: I failed.
For 20 years, I tried (as head of human resources) to bring happiness to the workplace. And failed. 
In August 2013, I left corporate America to try again. This time by working directly with people so they control where they work. Success!
I realized that with the right guidance, I can help people be happy again at work.
And if you attend The Career Coach Accelerator, you can too!
In nine weeks, I'll give you the skills and the tools to be a top career coach.
YOU will know how to help your clients find their dream jobs.
YOU will have created beautiful résumés and cover letters...and LinkedIn profiles that attract recruiters like butterflies to a flame and make you look like a hero or shero!
YOU will have the tools to be a premiere career coach!

By being part of a cohort of like-minded professionals.
And by attending The Career Coach Accelerator, you'll learn from me how to earn a great living as a career coach—and live your dream of making a difference in the world helping people.

Past Attendees Describe It Better Than I Can

"Cara is the real deal...she knows her stuff and she can help transform your life."

"It's absolutely amazing. I've learned so much of how to help my clients!"

"I'm so excited to be able to do my heart work!"

So much of what is out there is just WRONG, and I'm revealing truth in The Career Coach Accelerator. Here's a sneak peek...

#1. Having my own business means I must "sell" and I suck at it!

I chatted with a brilliant entrepreneur and she said that she thought she was good at sales, having worked at it for years. But, once she started using my sales method, she said her sales went through the roof. She said, "It is magic!"

#2. Are there already too many coaches?


It feels like everyone is a coach these days. And yet I have a 6-week wait for potential clients to speak with me, just to see if I'd work with them. Six weeks and NO ONE cancels their scheduled call. There is a strong ROI - Return On Investment - in the slice of career. You help people earn money! We need more career coaches!

#3. YOU can do it!

"Has anyone else cried like I did?" asked, I'll call her Jane. She said it best: "I knew I wanted to be a career coach. I felt it so deep down. At The Career Coach Accelerator, I realized that the thing holding me back was ME. I opened my eyes and really saw all that I can give back and help others. Now I have my own clients! I did it!"


Here's What You'll Get: 

Whether you are adding Career Coaching to your current job or venturing out on your own, you'll walk away with:

A complete roadmap on how to serve your clients and monetize career coaching

A customized plan for you and your niche...

...and a community of a cohort to go with it!

The Marketing Intensive


Allow me to set you up for success at a private on-site 3-day event here in San Francisco.

Meet, learn, and work ON your business as CEO.

And let's be clear—this is a working meeting. Get ready to put in a lot of EFFORT.

I will lead you through a fast-paced jammed pack 3 days of strategy and execution.

Sound terrible?

The thought of being that busy, that intense sound like no fun at all? Past attendees have dragged their bodies into the event jet lagged and tired.

But in their own words: "That was awesome! It was exactly what I needed. Let's do it again in 6 months!"

As you can see, no one regrets going.

This event has led to at least $10,000 worth of new clients. If not more.


And the best part....


....It's all part of The Career Coach Accelerator.



  • The 9-week information packed The Career Coach Accelerator program

  • Access to observe me coach clients live (no one else does this)

  • The 3-day Marketing Intensive (potential $10K Return On Investment!)

  • Absolutely all you need to start your career coaching business

Here's What to Do Next...

Click the "Apply Now!" button and fill out the application on the next page. It includes questions about your business, your challenges, and what you're looking to get from participating.

After submitting the application, you can schedule a call to speak directly with me, Cara Heilmann. I'll answer all your questions and make sure that the event is right for you. If it is, we'll get you setup on the spot and send over all of the event details.