Take Your Team to the Next Level:
Get Them Certified   as a
Senior Professional Career Coach™
Do you...

Want to stay competitive in the recruiting industry?

See a bigger need coaching candidates?


If you answered yes, The Career Coach Accelerator, by Ready Reset Go®, gives your team training and credibility so they can make a difference in your candidate's job search. As a certified Senior Professional Career Coach™ (SPCC) your team members will be recognized as top professionals in their field.

What Exactly is a Career Coach?


An expert in helping job seekers with their career and job search. Career Coaches help clients...


  • Identify their ideal job

  • Create a strategy to design or move into the ideal job

  • Develop supporting documents like a résumé and online profile

  • Prepare for conversations to support the move

  • Gain confidence through every step of the way​​

"Having helped over 700 clients personally, I will teach proven methods that work.


From soup-to-nuts, your team will learn the skills to be a high-quality effective career coach." 








What Will Your Team Learn?

Upon completion of the 12-week course, they will know how to:

  • Help clients identify their career direction and answer the age-old question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

  • Create a clear narrative (similar to a personal brand) to define their career

  • Craft client résumés and cover letters using our easy process

  • Discover the best online and offline job-hunting resources—this changes frequently and quickly

  • Understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO) for LinkedIn so recruiters find (you and) your clients

  • Uncover the truth of what recruiters look for in a candidate and to help your clients ace that interview

  • Decide what should be included in a job offer to help your clients negotiate the best deal

  • Create business and marketing plans to turn your coaching business into a well-paid career

PLUS be a part of a cohort of career coaches to continue to share, sharpen and build businesses together

Together you'll have the opportunity to stay together as a community of like-minded business owners. To grow your businesses together.

"It has been my dream to be a career coach. But, I had no idea how to get there. The course was the boost I needed to create my dream business! Other programs had very rigid requirements and felt inflexible. The curriculum, Cara, and a cohort of students guided me through everything I needed to set up my business. I am so excited to be a certified Senior Professional Career Coach!"

Christy Watz, SPCC

Christy Watz Coaching

Winter 2018 Cohort

You Aren't On Your Own

You will be part of a small group of fellow participants.

Together, you and your fellow cohort members will complete the certification course together.

You will have Cara Heilmann's expert guidance every step of the way.

Next Class Starts August 15. (July Class is now Full.)
Sign Up by July 31, 2018 and get 10% off tuition.
Regular price $1,950 reduced to $1,755.
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The Career Coach Accelerator Difference


Together we created a program for you.

We assembled a team of certified life coaches, master career coaches, executives, résumé writers, educators, trainers, and marketing professionals. With you in mind, we created a certification program to give you the confidence you need to best serve your clients. And grow a thriving coaching business.

Cara Heilmann is the founder and CEO of Ready Reset Go®. She is the author of the international best-selling book, The Art of Finding a Job You Love. And co-author of the book Ready, Set, Go! written with best-selling author and international speaker, Brian Tracy. Cara has been on the inside of recruiting for over 20 years as an executive in human resources at large international firms, like ARAMARK, with 260K employees across 22 countries, to small start-ups in Silicon Valley. She has her MBA from Vanderbilt University and her BBA from the University of Hawaii. She has multiple certifications as a career coach, HR professional, résumé writer, and interviewer.

Mary Stultz brings experience in coaching, organizational development and learning. Having spent 25+ years in organizations and academia, she is committed to building healthy and respectful work environments. She has an MA from the University of St. Thomas and a BA from the University of Minnesota. She is a Certified Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC) and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Lominger Leadership Architecture expert, and qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Curt Mandell has 30+ years' experience in executive, leadership, and coaching roles. He has an MA degree from John F. Kennedy University and a BS from SUNY at Buffalo. Curt has led global strategic projects impacting up to 100,000 employees. He has coaching credentials with the Coaches Training Institute, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), International Coaches Federation (ACC), and the Project Management Institute (PMP).

Edith Swiatek brings 20+ years leading complex healthcare systems at the C-suite level with deep expertise in integrations of hospitals and medical groups. Edith specializes in providing career and life coaching to all levels and in assisting her clients to experience a transformation as a result of life’s transitions. She utilizes Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and the How to Fascinate personality inventories. Edith completed her MBA at Lake Superior State University, BA from Aquinas College, and is a Certified Senior Professional Career Coach (SPCC) and a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP). 


Gratitude from Job Seekers

As a senior leader within Talent Acquisition, I was curious upon introduction to Cara (via a former colleague) just how much she could assist me due to me having a detailed understanding of this space. Her work has been phenomenal, she has pushed me towards an objective viewpoint on my own career, the narrative around how I describe my achievements, the way I present it in a bio/resume format and also what would be important to me in my next move. 
I would not hesitate in recommending Cara and appreciate the work we have done together. - Kevin Blair, VP Talent Acquisition, IBM

I have had the privilege to work with Cara for the past year. She has great vision, drive, and enthusiasm. She instills confidence and energy in those around her. Her feedback is clear and on point. And she is very open to receiving it from others. While she is a leader, she is also a team player and appreciates the skills of those who surround her. - Michelle Litten, HR Consultant

While being very resourceful and organized, Cara uplifted me throughout the highs and lows of a job search. She knew how to precisely address specific pressing concerns thru the interview process. She was prompt in her responses and offered helpful tips to the most challenging questions. Cara genuinely cares for her clients in a profound way. It was an absolute pleasure to have her as a career coach. -D. Chihade, Research Scientist

Cara is truly an expert in the LinkedIn world. She strategically coached me on how to strengthen my profile by making it more highly searchable. As a result, it is rapidly growing toward all-star status. Using her direct and competent style, she was able to help me efficiently and effectively. - Kim Ahrens, Happiness and Resilience Coach

If you've been lucky enough to work with Cara, you know what I'm about to say is true: she's amazing! Her ability to draw on so many skill sets is staggering. From her way with words to her insight about what companies want to her very high quotient of emotional intelligence, which she uses to support when the going gets tough - with Cara you get the complete package. I highly recommend working with her! - Onno Koelman, Executive Coach

Cara is an A+ executive coach, confident and extraordinarily competent in her profession. What lifts her above the rest is that she goes the extra mile for you. She will comb job sites and make suggestions; she reaches out to recruiters on your behalf (something no other coach I’ve known does for their clients). She is easy to talk to and always available when you need her to be there for you. And she is no nonsense. She expects you to work as hard as she does for you. - Rabbi Barney Brickner

Cara did an excellent job in coaching me through the job search process. Within just a couple of weeks of Cara updating my LinkedIn profile, I was contacted about a job opportunity that met my skill set and career goals. Cara worked with me to create a resume and coached me through the interview and job offer process. Most importantly she helped me to self-analyze my skill set and examine my internal dialogue that was undermining my confidence. She guided me in setting realistic expectations and was a wonderful cheerleader. Her unwavering faith in my abilities helped me through a challenging period in my life. - B. Southwick, Director Benefits, Clorox

Cara is everything you'd want in a career coach -- she's creative, passionate, asks thoughtful and insightful questions to help guide you in your career journey and most importantly, she really listens! Her support and encouragement was invaluable and she helped me to find the motivation to make my career transition happen! -Mary DB, Senior Program Manager

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