Why Applicant Tracking Systems Need To Go Away

Got your attention? I don't really want Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to go away, I want them to fade away into the background. Forbes asked if I knew of any ideas companies could use to switch up their hiring strategies. Innovate the ATS so that it feels like a real conversation. Leverage the existing automation capabilities (like automatic replies) so that it sounds like you care. Not some template response like, "Thank you so much for applying for a position with us. We'll keep your application on file and if..." Be creative! Sound like a real person! And most importantly, make is a lot easier to apply because my clients, they are all A-Players and do not have time to fiddle with cumbe

Treat Employees Like Your Most Valued Client

I got into Human Resources because I loved people. That was 20 years ago. Today? I still love people but HR wasn't the right space back then. The future of HR will morph, particularly how we treat our employees (and future employees). That's my new domain: The Candidate Experience. I love innovations in the applicant process. Especially ones that recognize the time and thought investment before a candidate begins the application process. Asking candidates feedback is the start. Forbes asked me what I thought about feedback. I am excited to see more and more companies see employees and future employees as their most valued customers! (Thank you Zachary Nelson for your amazing photo.)

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