Forbes article: Artificial Intelligence And Recruiting: A Candidate's Perspective

Tom, a recent job candidate, had no idea how prevalent artificial intelligence (AI) had become until he was deep into his job search. Even though he wondered at times what he could do to get his résumé in front of more live hiring leaders, bots that he had encountered were making the application process faster and surprisingly fun. It's great news for employers, as HR experts are constantly looking for new technology to increase productivity and improve the candidate experience. According to a Korn Ferry Global survey, of the nearly 800 HR professionals surveyed, 63% said that AI has already changed the way recruiting is done today. AI streamlines the recruiting process by automating high-vo

Did You Know? First in a Series: What Month is Best to Get a New Job? The answer may surprise you!

I read that the start of a calendar year is the best time to find a new job. This bothers me as the timing does not jive. As a recruiter, I was busiest during the summer. I felt the most under the gun over the summer. Maybe it was a unique business cycle at my previous companies? Or did I try to fit in too much with my own summer vacation? Now as a Career Consultant, I advise clients on small and big advantages and knowing the best time of year helps busy job seekers focus energy at the right time of year. When is the best time? And why do I recall the summer months being the busiest as a recruiter? Maybe all of the companies I worked for had a July to June fiscal year? That makes sense, rig

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