3 Tips To Propel Your Career Coaching Business

You’ve spent months preparing to become a coach. You’ve hung your shingle and nothing. You’re struggling to get clients. Getting coaching clients can be stressful and if you aren’t sure where to begin, here are my Top 3 Tips to helping to you grow your business. 1. Niche + Pass I know it is hard to consider narrowing your market when you are trying to grow your practice. But when you know who your audience is and can be very specific, you make it much easier for them to choose you. For example, I know a career coach who works with women who recently relocated to the U.S. from France. Her sessions are spoken completely in French. And she is booked solid for months! What unique insight o

Résumé Not Working? Make Sure You Aren’t Doing These 4 Things…

You’ve sent 20 plus résumés and haven’t heard a peep. The silence is deafening. You don’t know if somehow your reputation has been tarnished. Perhaps it’s a previous co-worker spreading dirty lies about you (this really happened!). Before you jump to conclusions, we have a very easy answer for you: something is wrong with your résumé. Chances are your résumé is not connecting with employers, or more precisely, the HR professional screening it. Remember that your résumé has one job, SELL YOU. Let’s assume that your résumé is organized and you are applying for jobs you are qualified for—what else could be wrong? Lots of things. Here are the Four Top Culprits why your résumé isn’t working: 1.

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